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Field Technician 2

Job Announcement

Field Technician 2

Palmer Soil & Water Conservation District, an equal opportunity employer, is seeking qualified applicants to support field studies in remote locations in Alaska. One field technician is needed for either soils or botany inventory. This seasonal position is for various field deployments of up to 27 consecutive days. Trips are scheduled May-August, with additional work possibly extending into November depending on workload and funding.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Conduct surveys of soils or plant communities under the  supervision of our NRCS partners

• Assist in mobilization and demobilization of field gear

•Participate in trainings for helicopter, bear and shotgun safety, as well as project specific trainings regarding data collection protocols for the field and follow all safety procedures, including our partner NRCS' COVID-19 related field and office procedures

• Data entry and proofing according to protocols, primarily on mobile electronic devices


• For soil technicians: capability to demonstrate an understanding of soil-landscape relationships and ability to describe and classify soils to NRCS standards.

• For botany technicians: familiarity with plant-ecology relationships, as well as skills in plant identification and classification. Forestry experience is also preferred with the ability to take tree core samples, DBH, use an angle gauge and/or range finder, and perform height and cover ocular estimates.

• Applicants must be able to conduct field work despite biting insects, wading, hiking miles over uneven terrain, and other significant physical labor in remote settings; must be able to carry up to 22 kg (50 lbs) and work 10–12 hours per day during deployment.

• Ability to travel via planes, helicopters or boats may be required.

• Documented experience as helicopter manager will required.

• Applicants should be self-motivated, able to work independently, able to live and work cooperatively with others, and able to maintain a positive attitude under a heavy workload.

• Meticulous in collecting and recording data.

• The selected applicant must successfully complete bear safety and shotgun training.

• Experience and leadership skills in project coordination (such as trip planning, prep, gear organization, field camp logistics, etc.) will also be preferred.

• Previous experience in Alaska plant or soil survey work is requested; a B.S. degree in a discipline related to the sciences (soil science, landscape geology, ecology, botany, or related fields) is preferred.


The duration of the position will vary according to the length and number of trips the applicant is available to join May-September and availability of office work afterward. Field work includes regular overtime hours and possible office work could be completed from a home office. Project coordination and helicopter management would be higher-level duties only for qualified applicants. Rate of pay dependent on experience, $19-$30/hour.

To Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to

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